Benvenuto a Cà de Runde

Agriturismo on the Italian Riviera

Cà de Runde means House of Swallows. Swallows are flying around the house even in full winter and this is quite exceptional even in Italy. We offer a unique and comfortable accommodation in the Riviera dei Fiori, nearby the French Côte d’Azur.


The house is on top of a beautiful hill, looking out over the sea, just one kilometer from the village of Ospedaletti, surrounded by Mediterranean woods. The house was built in 1816 with local stones and has been renovated completely in 2005, with the characteristic elements well preserved. A 200 year old underground tunnel system still connects the various parts of the house and now even contains a wine cellar.


The four apartments each have one or two bedrooms, a dining area, kitchen and bathroom. Outside of the house, there are nice pergolas to relax and enjoy the panorama.


All year round, guests can rent the apartments for a minimum of one week, from Saturday to Saturday. Our formula includes a full fridge upon arrival and a garden full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. You will find all you need to prepare yourself a good breakfast in the morning. You also have the possibility to enjoy a nice dinner with local products at night, in a warm and friendly atmosphere under the pergola. 


We like to welcome you in our House of Swallows. 


A presto!

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Summer highlights

Get ready for a relaxing and romantic getaway! 

  • Perfect weather for long sunny hiking and biking tours along the many coastal and hinterland trails;
  • The landscape is a fascinating mix of summer colours. We call it Riviera dei Fiori for a reason; flowers everywhere!
  • Fantastic foods and drinks: homemade limoncello tastings, pizza nights, avocados, grapes, giuggiole, oranges, kiwis, figs, passion fruits, kaki, pomegranates, cactus fruits and various herbs and vegetables in our gardens.
  • Village hopping: visit the many small medieval villages in the valleys, with ancient traditions, local artistic legacy and taste their authentic food and wines.
  • Our garden pool will be open and temperatures are great for endless beach days.


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