In the province of Imperia, where Agriturismo Cà de Runde is located, there are numerous events throughout the year. Festival, fairs, markets, historical re-enectments and concerts focus on Ligurian traditions, gastronomy, culture, sports and music. 


Please note: the following yearround overview will not cover all events in our region. The dates that are mentioned here may be modified throughout the year or even last-minute. For more information on events check online with the event organizers.  


Summer events in Ospedaletti

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Regional exhibitions and events

Events throughout the year


  • Triora: Ciaspolata Notturna: night excursion, hiking tour through the woods of Gerbonte
  • Several villages: la Festa di San Sebastiano, traditional event with processions, markets, guided tours 


  • Ospedaletti: il Mese dei Carciofi, the month of the artichokes
  • San Bartolomeo al Mare: La Fiera della Candelora, the candlemass fair is the oldest traditional fair in Liguria and historically linked to the beginning of the agricultural season
  • Sanremo: Festival di Sanremo, one of the most famous events in Italy, celebrating the Italian song in the Ariston Theater 
  • Taggia: La Notte dei Furgari e Festa di San Benedetto: historical festival with fireworks, shows and traditions


  • Sanremo: Corso Fiorito, flower parade
  • Ventimiglia: la Fiera di San Giuseppe
  • Sanremo: the finish of the classic cycling tour Milan-Sanremo
  • Dolceacqua: la Fiera di Marzo 
  • Riva Ligure: Street Food Fest


  • Imperia: Sole è Vento, festive kite event on the beach of Borgo Marina, to spread culture and respect for the environment. Lots of kites up in the air, educational workshops, markets and music
  • Holy weeks (in preparation) for Easter, in several villages: processions, traditional rites, exhibitions, festivals and gastronomic moments
  • San Bartolomeo al Mare: I Colori della Pasqua, burratini, markets, acrobats and street artists


  • Ospedaletti: Passeggiando Assaporando, food and wine event
  • Bordighera: famous fireworks show at sea on the occasion of the Patron Saint Sant'Amelio
  • Taggia: Meditaggiasca, gastronomic festival to celebrate the Taggiasca olive.
  • Perinaldo: la Rassegna del Carciofo, slow food festival celebrating the artichoke
  • Sanremo: la Fiera di Maggio
  • Monaco: Formule 1 on the Circuit of Monte Carlo


  • Vallecrosia: Wine Around, wines from all over Italy, tastings, street food, local products
  • Vallecrosia: Maestà l'Acciuga, festival of the anchovy, celebrating the traditions of the sea, fishing and the Ligurian cuisine with markets, cooking shows and music
  • Ospedaletti: Aspettando San Giovanni: picnic at the beach, the passage of San Giovanni on a raft and fireworks
  • Ospedaletti: the revival edition of the vintage International Motorcycle Trophy of Sanremo at the Autodromo of Ospedaletti.
  • Bordighera: Sasso Estate,  a summer full of events such as the Passeggiata Andandu, dance evenings, la Festa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo, la Festa del Turista, Summer Carnival and more
  • Ventimiglia: Battaglia dei Fiori, flower parade, night show and the actual battle of flowers from the carts to the public and vice versa.
  • Cervo: La Festa di San Giovanni Battista, the patronal feast with a traditional bonfire on the pier, hundreds of sea lights, musical entertainment and the Queimada, a traditional Galician drink imported from the twin municipality of Cervo (Spain).  


  • Seborga: Serate Gastronomiche d'Estate, summer night festivals to taste typical specialties and listen to the best orchestras (Jul-Sep)
  • Cervo: Festival Internationale di Musica da Camera: concerts embrace different musical worlds in the picturesque setting of the beautiful medieval village 
  • Garlenda: the annual Fiat 500 gathering, with lots of fun events for young and old 
  • Borgomaro: La Sagra della Porchetta alla Braca: the feast of the grilled porchetta
  • Borgomaro: la Sagra dei Muscoli alla Saracena,  the feast of muscles
  • Taggia: La Festa di Santa Maria Maddalena: after a pilgrimage and banquets, the long-awaited Dance of Death will be performed
  • Ceriana: Birrando, beer festival, craft beers and Italian street food


  • Ospedaletti: la Sagra du Pignurin Pan e Vin, festival that is all about good food and spending time together 
  • Triora: Strigora, a day with the witches, historical re-enactments and markets.
  • Seborga: la Festa di San Bernardo, with a historical folklore parade and flag wavers.
  • Seborga: la Festa del Principato
  • Dolceacqua: Il Carnevale Estivo, Summer Carnival
  • Dolceacqua: la Sagra della Michetta, festival with fireworks
  • Molini di Triora: la Fiera di San Lorenzo, festival for the Patron Saint 
  • Ventimiglia: Agosto Medievale, traditional medieval festival, historical parade, competitions, animation and the Sestieri Regatta.


  • Triora: La Sagra del Fungo, the mushroom festival and street markets
  • Ospedaletti: la Festa delle Porrine (Sep 8th)
  • Dolceacqua: la Festa dei Frescioei
  • Molini di Triora: La Sagra della Lumaca, the gastronomic festival of the snails with markets, dancing evenings and a fun snail race for kids
  • Molini di Triora: la Fiera di Santa Croce
  • Pigna: i Festeggiamenti Patronali di S.Michele, gastronomic evenings and dances at the sports field
  • Imperia: Vele d'Epoca, classic Mediterranean regatta
  • Sanremo: Grande Festa della Città, a day full of events, markets, stalls and lots of music


  • Triora: Halloween with a program full of events, workshops, seminars on the magic of fire and herbs, bonfires and ballads to drive away the bad spirits. (Oct 31st and Nov 1st) 
  • Pigna: La Sagra del Fungo, the mushroom festival
  • Several villages: La Festa della Castagna, the chestnut festivals
  • Cervo: la Fiera di Santa Caterina d'Alessandria 
  • Sanremo: Wine in Sanremo, festival of 100 producers and 600 wines from all over Italy


  • Triora: la Fiera di Ognissanti, All Saints Fair (Nov 2nd)
  • Imperia: OliOliva, festival of olive oil


  • Bordighera and Imperia: Christmas Markets
  • Cervo: Presepe Vivente, traditional living nativity scene at the Chiesa dei Corallini