STAGIONI · 08. November 2019
Crisp air, colourful sunsets, rough seas, bright skies, deserted hiking trails and the beautiful Mediterranean lights.... In our Winter Newsletter, we give you five great reasons to stay with us in wintertime!

RIVIERA DEI FIORI · 02. July 2019
Finding the right books to take with you on your summer holiday, can almost be as difficult and stressful as scaling down your pile of clothes to fit into our suitcase. Now you have booked your stay at Agriturismo Cà de Runde, you can really embrace your holiday destination and soak up all the beauty, culture, history and emotions the Riviera dei Fiori has to offer, with books that are set in our region, the coastal towns or the hinterland villages. Holiday anticipation can start right now!

LINGUA ITALIANA · 20. May 2018
So you booked your stay at Cà de Runde and now you want to quickly brush up on your Italian language skills to impress the residents of Ospedaletti? Check out this fun infographic to learn Italian in just 3 months time!

CITIES · 25. March 2018
Bordighera, also called "the City of Palms", is the northernmost point in Europe where palm trees grow. Every year, on the occasion of Palm Sunday, Bordighera offers its traditional Parmureli - handmade embellishments of braided palm leaves - to the Vatican. They are worn by the Pope and the cardinals during the official service on St. Peter's Square to celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

A CASA · 07. January 2018
On top of the colourful hills of Ospedaletti, with the best views of the Riviera, is Agriturismo Cà de Runde. In the local dialect it means "House of the Swallows".

ACTIVE · 07. January 2018
The Pista Ciclabile is a 24 kilometer long bicycle path that leads from Ospedaletti to San Lorenzo al Mare. If you want to enjoy a relaxed but active ride with interesting, beautiful and tasty stops, this tour is must-do. In contrast to the many challenging, rough mountain bike trails that lead you into the hills of the inland, this route is comfortably flat and fun for everyone.